Volunteers at Save The Bay cleanups across the Narragansett Bay watershed have, time and time again, watched recently-cleaned beaches quickly become tarnished by litter again—sometimes in less than one week.

The Litter Free Pledge was born from the desire to protect our beautiful communities from the persistent presence of litter.

After all, litter is more than just an inconvenient eyesore; it's a threat to humans and wildlife alike.

The Litter Free Pledge is designed to inspire people to change behavior and make a public commitment to not litter - not ever - not even one piece!

Take the pledge and pass it on.


Take the Pledge


If you represent an organization interested in partnering with the Litter Free Campaign, visit our Partnerships page. If your organization is interested in sponsoring the Litter Free Pledge campaign, contact July Lewis at jlewis@savebay.org. 








SITE IMAGE CREDITS: Cigarette butt by Jhonatan, Shopping Bag by Drupada Creative, Trash Can by Justin Blake, trash bag by needumee, chat by Ralf Schmitzer, Mentor by Becris, straws by Saeful Muslim, Water Bottle by Linseed Studio, Recycle by Daniel Falk all from the Noun Project. All other photographs and illustrations provided by Save The Bay and its partner organizations.